Google Cloud Print WordPress Woocommerce


Are you looking for a plugin that will simplify and perform print-related matters for you? Do you want to always have printed orders at hand?


Examples of plugin features:

Google Cloud Print WordPress plugin allows you to print documents using Google Cloud Print and Print Node. For the above plugin to work, you must have another plugin that is related to it (Order Labels and Print Orders, about that in another part of the tutorial 😊). By integrating with the shipping plugins, you can automatically print the necessary shipping labels to your printer or save them directly to Google Drive.


 How to install the plugin

  1. Upload Print Google Cloud Print GCP WooCommerce to your directory / wp-content / plugins /
  2. Activate the plugin via the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Now select Printer Settings from the WooCommerce menu
  4. Go to Settings tab, copy domain link information and configure access to Google Cloud Print API
  5. Upload the client’s secret file (Secret File) from the Google Cloud Print API then, sign in to your Google account. Cloud Print should now be configured and ready
  6. Click the General tab and Customize Printer Settings and Company Information
  7. Click the Locations tab and select Printers from your Google Cloud Print account. Orders will start printing

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