The Best Baltic Holidays in Sarbinowo! Discover the Charm of “Elizjum Cottages Sarbinowo”

Are you dreaming of the perfect vacation by the Polish seaside, one that will leave unforgettable memories? If so, we have the ideal place for you! “Elizjum Cottages Sarbinowo” in Sarbinowo are an oasis of comfort and relaxation that will meet all your expectations.

Modern and Fully-Equipped Holiday Cottages

Our holiday cottages are a true home away from home. Modern design, full amenities, and comfortable interiors will make your vacation extraordinary. At “Elizjum Cottages Sarbinowo”, you will find everything you need for carefree holidays.

Garden Pool with Heated Water

Is there anything more relaxing than immersing yourself in warm water under the open sky? Our garden pool with heated water, holding approximately 20,000 liters, is the perfect place to unwind after a day at the beach. Regardless of the weather, the pool is always available to provide you with unforgettable moments of relaxation.

Convenient Location Near the Sea

“Elizjum Cottages Sarbinowo” are situated just 500 meters from the picturesque Baltic Sea. This is an excellent location for beach lovers and sea enthusiasts. A stroll along the seaside promenade is just a moment away, separating you from wonderful views and the soothing sounds of the waves.

Family Paradise

We are a family-friendly establishment. Our property offers a specially dedicated area for the youngest guests, where they will find plenty of attractions. For adults, we have created a separate relaxation area where you can escape from everyday concerns and unwind in peace.

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Don’t hesitate! Choose “Elizjum Cottages Sarbinowo” and take a step towards a perfect Baltic vacation. We invite you to our oasis of tranquility and comfort!