Flexible Checkout Fields PRO plugin

This plugin allows you to personalize products before customers purchase them. Do you sell pet addresses? Your customer will be able to choose the engraving, shape or colour themselves. If you sell stamps, your consumers will be able to personalize them to the desired shape. Engravings on rings? Sure you can. The plugin will ask all the required questions to the customer and pass them on to you.


Plugin features:

  • Personalization before adding to cart
  • Easy to use and useful field editor
  • Adding groups of fields above or below the “Add to cart” button
  • Assign field groups to all or selected products, categories, tags
  • Text fields: text, text area, number, email, URL, time, date
  • Selection fields: dropdown list, multiple selection list, radio, radio with images, radio with colors, file selection, checkbox, multi-checkbox, color selection
  • Other fields like: header, paragraph, image, HTML
  • Ability to require fields to be filled in, add optional fields
  • Manage labels, values, placeholders, CSS classes and tooltips for each field
  • Ability to add amount or percentage prices to checkboxes
  • Conditional logic for fields: dropdown list, radio, radio with images, checkbox
  • Support for WPML and Polylang
  • Save groups of fields as drafts, which are helpful for temporarily hiding fields without removing them
  • Duplicate groups of fields
  • Saving product personalization as a URL


Plugin Benefits:

  • Product personalization – shoppers can personalize the products they are interested in even before adding to cart
  • Placement of fields – you can add them above or below the button to add an item to the cart
  • Assign groups of fields – you can assign fields to all products or only selected ones, to the whole category and for selected tags
  • For each personalization option you can add a price – which can be an additional fee or an additional percentage of the original price
  • You have the possibility to require the customer to fill in particular options or leave them the total choice
  • Thanks to a simple editor managing the display and appearance of fields is ridiculously easy


Examples of possible personalization by the customer:

  • Imprint
  • Engraving
  • Adding insurance
  • Gift wrapping
  • The types of fields you can use for the personalization form:
  • Text
  • Text field
  • Number
  • Selection
  • Multiple selection
  • Selection (Radio, Radio with pictures, Radio with colors)
  • File selection
  • Color selection
  • E-mail
  • URL
  • Checkbox
  • Multi-Checkbox
  • Time
  • Date
  • Heading
  • Paragraph
  • Image
  • HTML

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