WooCommerce Order Statuses Plugin

This is a plugin that automatically changes the statuses of ordered products in your store. It is also very useful if you sell virtual products such as software, services or products that do not require shipping.


Examples of order statuses:


  • Pending payment – when an order has been placed but payment has not yet been made
  • Unsuccessful – when a payment has failed or has been rejected
  • In progress – when the payment was successful and the order is awaiting processing by the store
  • Completed – when the order has been completed and shipped
  • Paused – when the product stock has been reduced and you need to confirm payment
  • Cancelled – when the order has been cancelled by the administrator or the consumer and the stock is back to what it was before the order was placed
  • Returned – when the funds placed on an order have been returned to the sender


With the first and subsequent orders placed in the store, the “orders” tab starts to fill up. Each order has a few details about it next to it. Available options to choose from are order number, customer details, purchase date, order status, billing address, shipping address, purchase total, and actions.

You can filter orders by date (day, month or year) and by registered customer, set them descending or ascending by order number, date, total. If you want to edit a specific order or add comments and notes and send it to the customer, just click the desired order number to view it.


In the order details panel, you can view information such as:

  • Order number
  • Payment details
  • Order date and time
  • Order status
  • Customer details (username, e-mail address, ability to view history of previous orders)
  • Payment details
  • Delivery details

The order items panel gives information about the purchased products, shipping and a summary.

Each line in the panel contains:

  • Product image
  • Name of the product
  • Cost of a single product
  • Quantity
  • Total
  • Taxes
  • Shipping method
  • Products divided by shipping
  • Total cost
  • Taxes (shipments)
  • Subtotal of items (excluding tax)
  • Coupons (amount that was deducted because coupons were used)
  • Order shipping cost
  • Taxes (total)
  • Grand total of order

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