Making use of  promotions and discounts with Flexible Pricing plugin.

Flexible Pricing is a plugin that will help you create discounts and promotions for your store. It creates promotions based on selected products, cart value, customer order history, number of products in the cart, for any products. Installing and using this plugin will make the process of applying discounts much easier for you and your customers will be satisfied with their shopping and fast ordering process.


Discounts that the plugin will allow you to implement in your store:

  • Amount and percentage discounts and fixed price
  • Discounts for selected roles
  • Discounts for selected customer categories
  • Discounts for selected product categories
  • Discounts for selected products and their variants
  • Discounts based on basket value, category, consumer’s purchase history
  • Rebates “buy X products to get a discount on Y items of this product
  • Discounts “buy X products and get Y products for free”
  • Discounts “buy X category product to get a discount on this category or Y category product”


Discounts that you can apply to orders:

  • When the order total is X, the discount for the entire order is Y%
  • When the total order amount is from X to Y PLN, the discount is Z PLN, and if from A to B PLN, the discount is C PLN
  • When the sum of an order for category X is minimum PLN Y, then a discount of Z% will be applied to any products of the same category.


Discounts you can apply to specific categories:

  • X% discount on all products in a given category, e.g. to celebrate a holiday or an event
  • X% discount on any product from category X if a customer buys a product from category Y
  • X% discount on all products in category X if a customer buys e.g. 5 products of the same category


Discounts for roles or groups, categories of users

Flexible Pricing plugin is integrated with user roles in WordPress (e.g. subscriber, author, editor, etc.) and WooCommerce (e.g. store manager, customer). You also have the ability to create new roles using the “User Role Editor” plugin and user groups using the “Groups” plugin. For each role, group and/or category you can create and add discounts, quota and percentage promotions as you see fit, doesn’t it sound great? 

It gives you many options such as discounts for all consumers or just employees or managers. Discounts for Newsletter users, registered customers, new customers, etc. 

Your company is having an anniversary? Great, give your loyal and active customers a nice discount and encourage new users with a discount especially for them. Christmas is coming? A discount for customers won’t hurt and will certainly attract attention.

Remember, however, that Flexible Pricing plugin is not able to assign roles, but it can recognize them and work with them. Roles must first be properly added and described manually or by using a special plug-in.

The plugin, true to its name, is really very flexible and can make even those more complicated discounts and promotions as you think of them. However, you should not assume that it will do all the work, you need to help it a bit.

If you are not sure if the plugin will suit you, you can try the trial version.

In the promotion settings, you will be required to provide information like promotion rules, title, for whom it applies, minimum or maximum order value, discount type, discount value, promotion validity date, for which roles or user groups, based on, categories to apply the rule, etc., all depending on what kind of promotion you want to apply.

You can use our professional help at every stage. We provide advice before buying and help in the configuration of plugins. We try to help as soon as possible.

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